J Moss

Okay.. First I would like to say sorry for not posting like a should. Anyways, on Saturday(3-14-15) I went to a J Moss concert. It was really good. I had a lot of fun. I even got to take a picture with him!!! I was so excited when he came out like.. Idek what to do with my self.. Lol here’s a picture..


It’s Been A Long While

So I graduated 8th grade last year. I haven’t been on wordpress in a while. I’ve been extremely busy with study for test and playing sports and all. I kind of miss Burdick as little bit. I got a 3.3 GPA on my report card this year. I was hoping for a 4.0, but I’m taking all A.P. classes except for Religion and World Geography.  For all the graduating 8th graders high school is not easy. It’s really hard to get use to, and the work load that you get is like at least 4-6 hours worth. They also asked for a lot of your homework typed. At my school they ask that we write our essay papers college style, in pen. Get used to not using pencil, because in high school you’ll be using pens a lot.  I really miss being in 8th grade I had a lot of fun last year and I miss all my friends.  BTW Mr.Skonecki if your reading this, It includes you. Your a pretty fun guy. I hope you guys do well in Eighth grade. Im going to try to post more often!


Congratulations to all the 2014 graduates at A.E. Burdick Elementary School including myself. It’s been a surprisingly fun year. I thought things would go a lot differently because Mr.Skonecki looked really mean at first. Everyone’s had their share of ups and downs this year, but it’s time for a new start. everyone going to be nervous because you’ll meet new friends, and go to a new school. I’m going to actually miss Burdick. I won’t miss the kids in it, but I’ll miss the teachers except Mr.Skonecki. Just kidding. I’ve made a lot of new friends this year and reunited with the old ones. It sucks that I’ll never  see them again, but it’s not that big of deal because one day ill be walking through Wal-Mart , and see one of them. Anyway GOOD LUCK and CONGRATS!!  Thanks Mr.Skonecki (I still don’t like you!!!)and Mrs.Russell.


Bruce Jenner

Bruce  Jenner  is like so freakin ugly.  Clearly he’s had  TOO MUCH plastic surgery. Then in these pictures i’ve seen recently he makes like stupid and ugly faces. Take a look.


What is that?!?  Like he needs to cut his hair, get a better looking face, and stop getting plastic surgery.

Kelly Rowland Is Pregnant With Her First Child — Congrats


Hollywood Life

Congratulations! Destiny’s Child alum Kelly Rowland is expecting her first child with her new husband, Tim Witherspoon! How exciting!

Kelly Rowland is pregnant with her first child! The singer took to her Instagram on June 10 to share the happy news with her friends and fans, posting an adorable picture of an infant pair of Air Jordans — so sweet!

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It’s truly been a long weekend. For once I can say I’ve had enough! Lets start with Friday. On Friday I got home ate dinner, and then had to babysit a 8 and a 3-year-old. The 8-year-old is a know it all and gets on my nerves ( they are my cousins). Then on Saturday stuck babysitting I had to do laundry, clean the kitchen, clean my room, and help my stepmom plant flowers. Then later Saturday evening, I went to Southridge Mall to go shopping for my graduation dress. I went on Thursday and my mom forced me to get a dress I don’t like. Anyway on Saturday I found a dress after two hours in the mall. Then there was Sunday. Yesterday I my dad cooked, and I had to get my hair done. My step mom couldn’t finish it, so my  aunt was over and finished. my head hurts like really bad(I hate when she does my hair), plus she didn’t really do a good job. Anyway after that I got Culver’s and went home. My mom is being really irritating, so I hate that I Even came home. My mom wants me to wear the dress she bought me for graduation. I don’t really want to and she doesn’t understand, so right now I hate her.

Friends come and go I guess!

It’s sad how the same people who say they care about you are the same ones who tear you down when they get the chance.

I’m so tired of always ending up with the friends that just get what they want out of you and move on to the next. No matter who it is, that’s what  always happens to me. It’s always the ones that move on, but realize that they need you inn the end. It’s always the friend that says if you give them the answers on the test they will give the answers on the next. For some reason I always fall for them. I seriously don’t understand. What’s the point. Like I clearly can’t pick good friends. Recently, one of my so called “FRIENDS” turned their back on me, and moved on to the next friend. Im really pissed off because with this “friend” I laid down a lot on the line and got in trouble a couple of times for them. I’m really done right now. Like Why even bother anymore. So if you find that i’m not saying anything to you you might be one of the ones im done with unfortunately. Don’t get mad either because it’s typically your fault. If you want to know why just ask, and i’ll tell you. I’m not ashamed to tell anyone how I feel about them to their faces, just incase you didn’t know!



One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain.

Bob Marley

Music is my everything. I can’t do anything without it. When I’m sad, there’s music. When I’m angry, there’s music. when I’m bored, there’s music. Music makes everything that I feel null and void. When I’m listening to music everything in the world stops, and I don’t really care what’s going on. I listen to music to keep me calm, or just because. Most teens listen to music for the same reasons I do. I also listen to music because I love the different beats, patterns,and metaphors of the music. I could really care less about the words,because to me they don’t matter. If you hear that I like a song it’s because of the music, not the lyrics. I’m very talented and musical. I play the piano, and I play the electric guitar.I’m working on learning how to play the bass guitar right now. When I’m really upset or down, I play one of my three instruments just to keep me calm or to make my anger go numb. When I was younger I always had a ear for good music, and I still do.


Music is the voice that speaks within me

Children on their way to get ice cream stabbed in elevator, police say


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(CNN) — New York police are searching for a man who stabbed two children, one fatally, in an elevator Sunday evening.

Police described the man as a “heavy set” black male, approximately 6 feet tall, between ages 25 and 35, and last seen wearing a gray shirt. He stabbed a 6-year-old boy and a 7-year-old girl inside an elevator in their apartment building in the East New York neighborhood of Brooklyn and fled, police said.

Prince Joshua “PJ” Avitto, 6, was stabbed in the torso and transported to a nearby hospital, where he was pronounced dead. The girl was also stabbed in the torso and remains in critical condition, according to police.

New York Police Commissioner Bill Bratton said Monday that the two children were on their way to get ice cream when they were stabbed.

“The amount of violence we saw in an unusual weekend…

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Woman straps her 1-month old to the train of her wedding dress!!!!!

Honestly I don’t think that this was a bad Idea read the story first!!!



Now that you’ve read the full story, you will understand my opinion. It’s her wedding day as long as her baby was secure and didn’t get hurt, I don’t think people should have gotten mad. It was HER WEDDING DAY! I don’t understand why people always have to be so critical. Is it because they never thought of that, or is it because they too scared to be that exotic. Comment your opinions on the story.

Do you think she should have done this or not?

Remember “Reading Rainbow?” There’s now an effort to bring it back!


MILWAUKEE (WITI) — Remember “Reading Rainbow?”

It’s a children’s television series that aired on PBS from June 6th, 1983 until November 10th, 2006 — and there’s a good chance it was a part of your childhood!

As of 2012, “Reading Rainbow” is an iPad and Kindle Fire educational interactive book reading and video field trip app.

Now, “Reading Rainbow’s” host, LeVar Burton wants to bring back “Reading Rainbow” for a whole new generation of children.

Burton is launching a Kickstarter campaign to raise $1 million to bring “Reading Rainbow” to the web.

Burton’s campaign would create a new version of the show available to any child with access to the internet.

He also plans on offering a “classroom version” of the program for teachers — and hopes to give away copies to low-income schools for free.

CLICK HERE for much more on this story via the Chicago Tribune.


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How I spent my birthday!!!

Okay, so after school when i finally got home, I started to get dressed. As soon as I got dressed my grandma called and said the she was taking my grandpa to the Emergency room. I spent 6 hours in the emergency room with my grandpa. I wasn’t upset or anything, but I just think its really ironic how somebody always ends up at the doctor on my birthday. Apparently at what ever procedure my grandpa get on friday, they pulled the lining of his stomach. So my grandpa was in a lot of pain. HE’s alot better now, and he said he would buy me something to make up for it. It wasn’t the worst birthday, but it wasn’t the best!

NO CHARGES for Mom after little boy finds her gun & shoots himself in the head



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MILWAUKEE (WITI) — A child got a hold of his mother’s gun and has been in the hospital since. The family learned this week that his mother will not be charged in the case.

At 106th and Heather Avenue — the course of a young life, and the state of a Milwaukee family was drastically changed.

“Right now he’s out the grave … so that’s good to hear,” said Jane Triplett, the boy’s grandmother.

Since May 3rd, three-year-old Kevin Donald has straddled the line between grave and critical condition.

“Surgery Monday. They had to rush him back into emergency surgery (Thursday),” said Triplett.

Triplett hopes and prays for improvement after the child shot himself in the head after he got his hands on his mother’s gun — stashed in a vehicle’s glove compartment.

“She just got out the car, took the TV in her house. We didn’t know…

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Turn Up

TODAY IS MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!! I’m not officially 14 until 9:00 tonight, but whatever. Like I seriously can’t keep calm. I have a lot planned this weekend. I have like twelve people who want to take me to dinner, and then there’s like 4 people who want to take me shopping. I am excited. If  your going to be all sad and annoying then get happy cuz it’s my birthday and I don’t want anyone to be sad!!



So my moms friend is thinking about throwing a party. Well the problem with that is the fact that it’s going to be a red and white party. I have two red and white outfits, but I dont have shoes to match the outfits. Before you interrupt I have a red pair of Jordans, but High tops dont exactly go with the outfits. The party if they have it is supposed to be in two weeks. My mom expects me to find some shoes to wear with them by then, but i’m going to have to order them. LIKE I NEVER GET ANY OF MY SHOES AT THE STORE!!!! I ALWAYS ORDER THEM(Don’t ask)!!! My mom is clearly insane. I am going to order these heels that I saw online, but then im going to need a new pair of  red converse just in case I don’t want to wear the heels. Anyways I really want to know why my mother thinks I have time for this, because I clearly don’t….It’s a good thing it’s all going on her credit card(HINT,HINT)!!!!


I’m like really frustrated. I don’t have my dress for graduation, and I haven’t had time to look. I really want this dress that I found online at Deb, but my mom thinks it’s to short. I have NO IDEA what i’m gonna do…. Comment any suggestions.

Ciara & Future Debut First Photo Of Their Son & Reveal Baby’s Full Name

His Name Is Amazing

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He’s here! It might just be a shot of his chubby little arm, but Ciara has officially shared the first photo of her newborn son! This is the first child for Ciara and her fiance, Future.

So, what did Ciara, 28, and Future, 30, name their little boy? The happy couple have finally released his name, too! Click inside to find out everything you need to know about Ciara’s baby boy.

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Will & Jada Smith Under Investigation By Child Protective Services — Report

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Uh oh — we’re not the only ones who thought that Willow Smith’s pic was odd and inappropriate. Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith are reportedly under investigation by Child Protective Services their 13-year-old daughter’s relationship with Moises Arias.

The controversy surrounding 13-year-old Willow Smith’s relationship with 20-year-old Moises Arias has finally come to a breaking point, according to a new report. The report claims that Willow’s A-list parents, Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith, are being investigated by Child Protective Services! Keep reading for all the details on the alleged investigation.

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Pregnant Sudanese Woman To Give Birth Before Being Killed For Christianity

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Before 8-months-pregnant Meriam Yahya Ibrahaim is given 100 lashes and then hanged to death, she will be allowed to give birth to her second child. For now, she is shackled inside a Sudan prison cell with her 20-month-old son. How awful.

Meriam Yahya Ibrahaim, 27, was charged with both adultery and apostasy on May 15 when she refused to renounce her Christianity in a Sudan courtroom. Even though she is 8-months-pregnant, the judge sentenced her to a horrifying whipping punishment, followed by death. While Meriam awaits her heartbreaking fate, she is shackled at the ankles inside a tiny prison cell where she cares for her first child, a 20-month-old baby boy.

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He did WHAT?! Man says he tossed his toddler into a pool to “teach her a lesson”


MILWAUKEE (WITI) — An Arizona man has been arrested for child abuse — accused of throwing his 23-month-old daughter into a pool…to “teach her a lesson.”

Police say the man threw the child into a pool because she had dropped a five-week-old puppy into the pool, and it died — saying he wanted to “teach her a lesson about playing around water.”

The child’s mother is furious.

She says the two have been on and off for about a decade — and have two children together.

“I am very angry and I’m very hurt — and I just hope that my kids are going to be okay from this. People make mistakes, but this is past a poor decision and a mistake. This is a child,” the child’s mother told 3TV in Phoenix.

According to 3TV, surveillance video captured the man tossing the child into a pool. A woman is…

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Overdue and under arrest! Woman gets JAIL TIME for library books


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SHAWANO (WITI) — Usually if you have an overdue library book — you’ll get a fine. But one Wisconsin woman got jail time!

30-year-old Tabitha Oost of Shawano won’t soon forget her recent visit to Green Bay.

Last month, the married mother of two crashed her car on Mason Street. She was rushed to the hospital.

“The air bags went off. I ended up having damage to my scalp, my forehead and my left eye,” Oost said.

While at the hospital, Oost saw a doctor — and a Green Bay police officer.

“I was still bleeding from my head. I was still on the stretcher when an officer came in to check if I was okay, how I was doing,” Oost said.

The doctor had good news. She would be released.

The police officer had some bad news.

“He told me that I had a warrant for…

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